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Bushmans Tanks, 98kB

Rain Water Tanks - Brisbane

For rainwater tanks in and around Brisbane, BUSHMANS, the Australian owned and operated company, can assist you as they are known to provide the best quality rainwater tanks and liquid storage tanks for residential, agricultural and industrial use. In fact BUSHMANS rainwater tanks are made right here in Brisbane – and they have many uses other than rainwater collection.

Brisbane, along with most towns and districts across eastern Australia, is serviced from manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Adelaide - South Australia, Dalby - Queensland, Orange - New South Wales and Terang – Victoria. Along with a range of rainwater tank accessories and pumps, BUSHMANS manufactures a broad range of rainwater tanks and industrial tanks. As each state has its own manufacturing and sales support facility, BUSHMANS ensures your local needs are met and this is true whether you are in Brisbane, Ardrossan or Armidale.

BUSHMANS Head Office, located in Sydney, provides specialised assistance to each BUSHMANS facility. With an efficient and reliable delivery network, BUSHMANS has continued to expand and provide a growing range of products, all of which are guaranteed. BUSHMANS is one of the few Australian rainwater tank companies with over 20 years experience. This is particularly relevant in the manufacture of tanks in excess of 20,000 litres and important to remember when you compare the claims of longevity from other tank companies.

BUSHMANS pride themselves on their service to the market and have continually made technical and engineering improvements over the last 20 years to their product range and service levels. BUSHMANS remains at the forefront of the Australian tank industry.

The experienced staff at BUSHMANS Brisbane are happy to answer all your enquiries to help you find the best solution for your rainwater or industrial liquid storage requirements.

Tank News

Waste Water and Gas Extraction Process - 21/08/2012
Waste water management from the gas extraction process is critical for meeting the environmental conditions set by the regulators who control the licensing of gas wells, transportation and processing.

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